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LiveAssistance Live Chat Solution

Features Summary

LiveAssistance is a proprietary software solution developed by our company, which allows an enterprise to provide their existing or potential customers a one-to-one text based chat with a live operator. These operators can be centrally located or geographically distributed. As a result, web site visitors no longer have to rely upon asynchronous methods of communication such as 800 numbers, email and FAQs. By using the LiveAssistance solution, web site visitors now have access to instant answers, thereby making online information gathering easier. Enterprises that provide customer service or technical support to their customers currently use the LiveAssistance solution to convert web surfers into customers, shorten the sales cycle, reduce operating costs, increase customer loyalty, and provide general customer service support.

Some Great Features

Push Web Pages
Exit Surveys
Pre-Defined Quotes
Intelligent Routing
After Hours E-mail
Customizable Interface
Post Chat Wrap-up
Archived Transcripts
Detailed Reporting
Usage Statistics
Database Downloader
Knowledge Base
Chat Transfer
Supervisor Queue Monitoring
Since LiveAssistance is 100% browser based, it requires no special software to be installed at the operator workstation or the customers' computer. We deliver our software in an Application Service Provider (ASP) model, thus removing the need for a company to devote IT resources. The LiveAssistance eCRM solution also provides a full suite of tools for enterprise management and administration. LiveAssistance provides an enterprise the ability to co-brand the chat window with a customizable look and feel. Implementing LiveAssistance is simple. We provide our clients with a few lines of HTML code and a button, which they can simply copy and paste that code anywhere on their web site where they would like to have live customer service. When an Internet user needs assistance, they simply click on the icon and a new window pops up asking them if they would like to start a live chat with a customer service representative (CSR). The Internet user and our client's CSR then engage in a real-time online conversation. This live conversation is made possible by linking the Internet user and our client's CSRs through our LiveAssistance software, which resides on our servers.

LiveAssistance Center

This model allows organizations to lease our technology and deploy it in their own call center where their personnel can answer their own chats. Through this Application Service Provider (ASP) model we provide our technology to be used on demand on a 24x7 basis. We charge a nominal set up fee and a monthly licensing cost per month per operator seat.

LiveAssistance Service

For those organizations who want the option of outsourcing their customer service on-line chats to LiveAssistance. Our highly trained staff is able to answer up to four chats simultaneously, providing our clients with robust, yet highly cost effective solution. Under this model, we charge a one time set up fee and offer various models that include per chat and per hour for outsourced CSR support.

LiveAssistance Combo

In this model, our clients can answer their own chats when they are available, and when they are not, chats will automatically route to a customer service representative in our call center. This is ideal for clients who want to use their own staff during normal business hours, and wish to provide 24X7 support. Under this model, we charge the monthly per seat charge to lease our technology and charge per chat or per hour for outsourced CSR support.


Increase Sales Opportunities

Our clients are able to respond to customer inquiries in real time. LiveAssistance provides a means to: answer questions and resolve customer issues as they occur; assist in closing sales at the time of the Internet user's decision; and sell additional products and services.

Higher Conversion Rate By utilizing LiveAssistance

Our clients are able to convert the web surfer into a customer. Our medium establishes an easy way for the surfer to establish dialogue with our clients which enables his/her questions to be answered and results in closing the sale.

Reduce Costs By implementing LiveAssistance

Our clients reduces the number of telephone calls and e-mails. One operator using LiveAssistance can answer up to four chats with customers simultaneously, thereby reducing cost per customer interaction.

Improve Brand Awareness

We allow our clients to customize and co-brand the look and feel of the chat window. Hence, a web surfer/potential buyer will be retain a positive image about the website he/she just visited which had the customized look and feel during the chat.

LiveAssistance's award winning software is a browser based solution to help you.

Features Summary