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Cambridge Management Group (CMG) is a recognized provider of quality Contact Center services to federal, state and commercial entities.

In February 1996, CMG was awarded an innovative contract from the Immigration & Naturalization Service, U.S. Department of Justice. This was a high profile public-private partnership whereby the INS outsourced a pilot customer service call center project to CMG. We hired and trained over 50 customer service professionals to answer inquiries from the public regarding green cards, citizenship and other immigration issues in English and Spanish. This project was initially for one year, however, due to the success of the project, the INS extended the contract for two six-month periods and sought to expand the operation to a nationwide call center. CMG's call center successfully provided quality customer service to over 3 million callers during this project.

In early 1998, CMG sold its rights to its INS contract to a publicly traded customer service call center firm. At this time, CMG also made a strategic decision of focusing on commercial customer service market. The Internet was rapidly gaining momentum at this time and seemed to be the wave of the future. CMG believed that the Internet, which was revolutionizing the world, would also revolutionize the customer service arena. Given this foresight, CMG made a strategic decision to leverage our customer service acumen and develop a web based ASP customer service solution. This served as the impetus for the development of Live Assistance in late 1998.

The development of Live Assistance was viewed as a complementary progression to the existing traditional call center services that CMG offered. CMG made a strategic choice to be a service firm vice being software one. This focus demonstrates CMG's commitment to providing the client with the best solutions possible.

CMG was awarded a subcontract in December 1998 by EDS to provide customer service support on the Census 2000 Telephone Questionnaire Assistance Program. CMG was a partner with 15 other leading customer service firms, led by EDS, on this high profile Bureau of Census, U.S. Department of Commerce Project. This was the largest voice and data project undertaken to date in global history. In this same timeframe, late 1998, CMG began the beta testing of our LiveAssistance product.

CMG was chosen as the sole partner firm to provide inbound telephone support in five languages, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, (Cantonese, Mandarin, Taiwanese & Shanghaiese) Tagalog, and English. CMG had representatives answering calls in these languages as well as Kashmiri, Urdu, Somali, Arabic, Spanish, Bengali, and Punjabi.

CMG hired and trained over 300 temporary Customer Service Representatives to answer calls in English and four Asian Languages for an 18-hours/7 days operation in our call center. In addition, we had an austere quality assurance component whereby QA staff would silently monitor the customer service agent in the requisite languages. The duration of the project was from August 1999 to May 2000. The majority of the work was done from January 2000 to April 2000.

CMG provided call center consultation services to HUD in 2006.